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Artificial Intelligence in Spectroscopy and Microscopy – Professor Dr. Thomas Bocklitz

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Research Topics

  • Machine learning for photonic image data
  • Chemometrics / machine learning for spectral data
  • Correlation of different measurement methods and data fusion

Current Projects

NFDI4Chem Logo

Expert Consortium Chemistry in the NFDI (National Research Data Infrastructure)

The vision of NFDI4Chem is to digitize all key steps in chemical research to help scientists collect, store, process, analyze, publish, and reuse research data. Actions to promote Open Science and Research Data Management (FDM) in accordance with the FAIR data principles are fundamental goals of NFDI4Chem to serve the chemistry community with a holistic approach to research data access. ...read more

Logo of the project "Joint Lab for Polymers Jena-Bayreuth"

Joint Lab for Polymers Jena-Bayreuth

The Joint Lab for Polymers Jena-Bayreuth combines two international leading polymer science locations in research and education. This unique combination connects more than 50 research groups and more than 500 PhD researchers to make technologies usable across locations, to bundle expertise, to improve education in polymer science and to solve today’s challenges. ...read more

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